1.Why should you pick BB Ministorage over others?

BB Ministorage is one of the few ministorages in Hong Kong that allows customer to drive and park at the storage entrance to store & retrieve their belongings. It helps saving customer's valuable time and effort from moving items within different storeys.

2.Is BB Ministorage safe and reliable?

BB Ministorage was built according to recommendations from fire protection consultants. BB Ministorage is equipped with more than necessary fire protection facilities including central refuge zone, smoke detectors, fire sprinkler, fire extinguishers, fire buckets, water hoses, emergency exit light box, fire alarm, 24-hour surveillance and smart card security system etc. We are committed to ensure our storage space safe and reliable. Customers are more than welcome to arrange their own insurance coverage.

3.What is the difference in the design between BB Ministorage and other ministorage facilities?

BB Ministorage is designed to be flexible; adjacent storage units can be combined, so customer can have larger space to store their belongings.

4.Is the environment of BB Ministorage comfortable?

24-hour air-conditioning system and dehumidification equipment are installed to maintain appropriate temperature and humidity to ensure  ministorage's environment is always suitable for storing items.

5.Are there any other facility or service available for purchase or rental to help with storing items?

Clothes racks and metal shelves are available for customer to purchase or rent from BB Ministorage. Free ladders and trolleys can also be rented to assist the moving process. Moreover, in response to customer's suggestion, BB Ministorage is currently discussing with logistic operators to provide customer with a reliable pick-up and delivery service.

6.Is BB Ministorage convenient for storing larger or bulkier items?

Dah Chong Hong, the building where BB Ministorage is located in has large and medium-sized cargo lifts, which are more than sufficient to move large items around. Moreover, truck can drive-up and park in front of our entrance to retrieve or store large items.

7.How to choose your ministorage?

You can make an appointment online on our website and pick a convenient time for you to come visit our ministorage. You can also contact us to request for quotation. We are more than happy to assist you to look for your perfect storage unit. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

8.What documents do I need to provide when I rent from BB Ministorage?

Individual customer will need to provide a copy of his/ her ID card, an address proof issued within the past three months (water, electricity, gas bills etc.). Corporate customer will need to provide a copy of its latest Business Registration.

9.How big is the ministorage?

(sq ft)
Apprx. Dimension in ft
(D x W x H)
14 2.4' x 5.8' x 5.1'
17 4.3' x 4' x 9'
20 4′ x 5′ x 9′
24 4′ x 6′ x 9′
26 4' x 6.5' x 9'
30 4' x 4.7' x 9'
36 4′ x 8′ x 9′
40 5' x 8' x 9'
50 6' x 8.3' x 9'
100 10′ x 10′ x 9′
122 7.2' x 17' x 9'
170 8.7' x 19.7' x 9'