BB Ministorage (Ap Lei Chau Dah Chong) is located at 3/F of DCH Motor Service Centre, 111 Lee Nam Road, Ap Lei Chau.

Customers can drive up to our storage entrances to retrieve and store their belongs, making the whole process quick and hassle-free.

Free parking is also available to our customers during their visit.


 1. Building Car Park Entrance

Guest arriving by car can reach our storage entrance by entering the building opposite of the New Horizons Plaza outlet mall


2. Elevator Lobby

Guest arriving by foot may take the elevator in the lobby


3. Building Directory

Just follow the building directory in the elevator lobby


4. We are located on 3rd Floor

Go up to the 3rd floor and you will reach our entrance

Free Parking

1. Enter through DCH Motor Service Centre Car Park Entrance 

If you drive, you can reach our storage space by entering the building's car park entrance located opposite of the New Horizons Plaza outlet mall.


2. We are located on 3rd Floor

When you arrive at the third floor of the building you will see our entrances as well as our own parking spaces.


3. Free moving tools to borrow

You can park your car just in front of our entrances to unload your items. You can also borrow trolleys and ladders free of charge!


4. Free parking

During your visit you may park your car at our free parking spaces conveniently located next to our entrance.


5. Five parking spaces in total

There is a total of five free parking spaces available for customers.


6. Collect free parking discharge permit

Before leaving with your car, please go to the office to obtain a vehicle exit discharge permit for free parking.

Public Transport

Ap Lei Chau Estate Bus Terminus

Bus: 90, 91, 91A, 93, 95, 95C, 95P, 592

Minibus: 29, 29A, 37, 37A


South Horizons Public Transport Interchange

Bus: 90B, 99, 99X, 171, 171P, 590, 590A, 592, 595

Minibus: 63


South Island Line

South Horizon Station- Exit B

Free Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus Drop-Offs & Pick-Ups

No.111 Lee Nam Road

Outside to South Horizons
Block 13

Ap Lei Chau Estate Bus Terminus

No.111 Lee Nam Road

Operating Schedule

(a) Monday to Saturday:
07:00 am – 10:30 am Every 15 minute
11:00 am – 16:45 pm Every 15 minute
17:00 pm – 19:35 pm Every 15 minute
20:00 pm – 21:00 pm Every 30 minute
(b) Sunday and Public Holidays:
07:00 am – 21:00 pm Every 30 minute